Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dora Explored

A bit of a hubbub was caused recently when the new Dora the Explorer doll was revealed via a silhouette that had a lot of moms in an uproar. Here it is:

The new Dora doll is being marketed to "tweens," girls and the Moms feel that Dora may be becoming too sexy.

Fortunately for you faithful readers of the RvD blog, we have obtained a few more marketing silhouettes for the next few versions of Dora the Explorer, and would like to know what you think of these.

Dora has always been a healthy thin girl, and the good folks at Mattel do not one to leave the little fatties out. This one is marketed toward chubby tweens:

This next one is marketed toward younger boys who are into action figures:

This one is a little odd, but Nickelodion is apparently launching a new series aimed at pregnant women who love Dora the Explorer. It looks like they are keeping a similar hair style:

I'm not sure who this last one is marketed toward. I think it's most likely aimed at hip, urban, music-loving college females who are "discovering" themselves for the first time. This doll is simply called "Dora Exploring."

I'm under the impression that there is a "Swiper! No Swiping!" joke in here as well, but that may be a bit too much. No release date on any of these dolls is currently available.

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