Monday, March 16, 2009

Blogging for Evil

Whilst snooping about the Interwebs (desperately looking for something to write about so as to fill my weekly obligation here at the Roboblog) I found this article about how malicious blogging is threatening the future of Salisbury, MD.

Apparently the outgoing Mayor believes that people are shirking their civic duties and refusing to run for local office because they fear bringing down the unbearable scorn of some jackasses with Internet access and axes to grind.

Woe to you, Salisbury, if your general populace is actually so threatened by peer pressure on the Internet that they refuse to act in their own interests.

While my first reaction to this story was, "Seriously? These people must be morons if they're actually afraid of malicious blogger," it did get me to thinking. Is it possible that the blogosphere has become so powerful that it's actually able to seriously damage the livelihood of small towns?

And could blogs be used for evil?

And if so, what sort of evil could be wraught upon the earth by our very own Roboblog?

So I'd like to open the comment section on this post to you, faithful Dinoreaders. If we were to go evil with the blog,what sort of targets would you like to see us bring down?


Chris Othic said...

I was actually able to come up with a pretty good list, including:

Sweetest Day. This is a bullshit holiday and we already have one just like it. Bring it down.

Florida. Forget the 2000 election, I'm still pissed at Florida for Spring Break 1991 because I got laid exactly zero times. Bring it down.

PETA. These folks are crazy, although there are some incredibly hot members. But I like to eat and wear animals. Bring it down.

The New York Yankees. Because I have to make one sports reference, and this organization is the one I love to hate. Bring it down.

Organized religion. For the same reasons as Florida. I think that girl was Catholic. That was the excuse she used. Bring it down!

Mike Bauman said...

Patricia Harvey, the Registrar of Deeds for Logan County, Nebraska. Fuck her.

Crump said...


GW said...

Mike Bauman. He stole from me. Bring him down.