Thursday, April 8, 2010

What the writing?

I find it very important to write down ideas I have for sketches as soon as I think of them. To often I think of something, realize that it could make a very funny sketch, and then two days later dig through my brain to try and remember that super funny idea I had that was sure to be the idea that finally got me recognized and catapulted me to the moderate amount of fame I so desperately desire. The side affect... effect... aeffect of this is I sometimes find pieces of paper with some ridiculous thing written on it that at some point I knew was a good idea but now, for the life of me, I can't decipher why the idea was funny or sometimes what it even alludes to. There is a stand up comic that does a bit about this, but I never actually encountered it myself until I started writing my little ideas down.

Example: I have written down "Blog entry - how easy it is to fall in love with a stripper who is good at her job". This one makes sense, and I certainly have gone to a lot of strip clubs in my day. Strip clubs are filled with loneliness. A good stripper seeks out your loneliness, cuddles it, relates to it, makes it feel good about itself, and then shoves her tits in your face. That is essentially the formula for falling in love. And that's about it. How I planned to turn this idea into a full blog entry I do not know. Sure it's true, but not that funny. However, when I wrote it down I thought it would be hilarious.

Here's another one: Crazy architect. Yes, it makes sense, but what caused my brain to go, "Hey, a crazy architect would be funny." This one came in the midst of having a conversation with fellow RvD member Nat Topping, so something in the conversation had to spurn it. But now I just see "crazy architect" and for the life of me find where the humor is supposed to be.

Then there are idea you write down and later realize it has already been done. For instance - "sketch" comedian draws + tells stories and the ending/punchline is an actual sketch. I actually wrote that in that exact vernacular. So I essentially re-created comedian Demetri Martin. I didn't realize I was re-creating Demetri Martin at the time I wrote it down. I thought it was a fun and original idea. The best part is I don't find Demetri Martin very funny, so why in the hell did I think me doing basically the same type of bit would be?

"Signals hardcore but can't act on it - Grand Central situation"... I think I might know what this was alluding too.

"Creating words that rhyme with purple and orange and silver and such"... Hi-larious.

"Johnny Fucknut and the Titty Twins"... maybe a sketch about a rock band?

"Slow mo tooth brushing race get 3, 4, 5 toothbrushes in mouth at same time"... Um......

For all the weird, nonsense ideas I find there are 4 or 5 ideas that actually could be lovingly crafted into comedy gold, so it is worthwhile. But sometimes I just don't know what I was thinking.

P.S. If I see any sketches, plays, or movies produced that are based on any of the ideas in this post unless written by RvD, I'll sue your ass. I need the money. Also, shame on you for not being able to think of better ideas then these.


Nat Topping said...

I have the following written in my notebook:

"Rhone Fabone."

I think that was a name from somewhere. Can't remember for sure.

Chris Othic said...

I do the same thing in the notepad on my phone. I just found two that I don’t know what they mean:

“If I only hadda dick squirrel”


“italian family . . we cook to order. and then swinging.”

I think dick squirrel is probably a “Nat and Geoff FTW” idea.

All rights reserved.

Susie G said...

From a note labeled "Sketch Ideas" in my iPod: "Super gay hot dog vendor at a Bears game. Hey hey hey!!" and "Country mouse, city mouse. Witness protection program."

GW said...

From the Wendling annals...

"Munchausen syndrome person feigns Munchausen syndrome in herself."

"This is Oscar. Oscar’s a good boy. Oscar loves America. Doesn’t he, Oscar? Doesn’t he love America? Yes he does!"

Mike Bauman said...

"Stop shitting in here."

I found that written in my underwear.

Joe Janes said...

Two words. "Iraqi Chicken." Some day, I'll write that sketch, whatever the hell I thought it was.

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