Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mr. Gorbachev, Don't Tear Down This Wall

I am Chris Othic and I build things. This is one of them.

I built this retaining-wall-landscaping-thingy for my parents this weekend. What should have been a couple hours of fairly menial labor took about 15 hours of backbreaking work and a case of beer.

But it will last forever.

Special thanks to my good buddy Doug McMullen ("Willie") at Douglas Landscape and Design for donating the brick and giving me a lesson in how to make a not-so-crooked wall.

No thanks to my brother Danny for suggesting we need to do something about the dirt on each side of my parents' driveway, starting the project, then drinking my beer and abandoning me for the next two days.

I expect this to remain standing for thousands of years, or at least until the next time my mom tries to park in the driveway and destroys it.

If you like my work, I am offering my services to anyone who is willing to pay for only $1000/hour. I will take my shirt off while I work for an additional $10/hour.

Me posing all sexy-like on your new landscaping is free of charge.


Nat Topping said...

That's a good looking wall right there.


Crump said...

In comment to the top and bottom pics:

Now that's what i call "balls to the wall!"

I'll take that new $10 Subway card now please.

Big Bro said...

Funny...the wall looks like it has a bulge on one end...and is kinda short...I'm just saying...

Little Bro said...

That is the bulge in my pants.

But yes, it is kinda short . . . damn.