Thursday, April 22, 2010

Drum Roll Please!

Ladies and Gentlemen and whatever else may have stumbled upon this blog. Here is the cast list for Robot vs. Dinosaur's upcoming show "12 Angry Sketches":

Nora Broz
Nick Cutelli
Chloe Ditzel
Mike Dobbyn
Mel Evans
Dean Gibbs
Susie Gutowski
Dustin Levell
Becca Levine
Erin Morrill
Nat Topping
Greg Wendling
Doug Werder

Congratulations to those who were cast and thank you to everyone who came out and auditioned. It was tough to whittle the list down as there were plenty of great performances. Hopefully we'll see you again at a future audition. Now we just need to write the show... oops. I've said to much.

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Anonymous said...

Great! Now that I know their names, I can stalk them all!!!