Monday, April 19, 2010

Post Audition Glow

Hooray for auditions!

We held them on Saturday and had a great turn out, despite the early audition times at an unfamiliar (though awesome) location.  A ton of talent came out - it's great to know we have that much talent available. 

Now comes the hard part, which is deciding which of those incredibly talented people fit the show.  Tonight we finalize the scenes that will be in the show and then finalize the casting.  So if we look tired and strung out tomorrow morning, that's why.  We're planning to have a cast list up in this space by the end of the week - possibly earlier. 

If you are reading this and auditioned for us, thank you for coming out.  If you are reading this and did not audition, come see the show Fridays in June at Donny's Skybox. 

If you are reading this and did not audition and have no intention of seeing the show, then go somewhere else, please.

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