Saturday, June 13, 2009

Snuff Box

What is the best way to learn how to write brilliant sketch comedy? Watch brilliant sketch comedy. My gift to you: Snuff Box. Written and performed by Matt Berry and Rich Fulcher, Snuff Box did a six episode run on BBC3 in 2006. Each episode follows a strict format but still manages to be totally original and completely deranged.

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Joe Janes said...

It's great to see Rich Fulcher doing such great work. He's from Chicago. He did an improvised show called "Modern Problems in Science" where he and two other guys would improvise a lecture proving a theory provided by the audience, like "pigs sweat wine." It was brilliant. They took it to Edinburgh - I personally gave Rich ten bucks when they were raising money for it - and it was a big hit. The next two years, someone from England sponsored their trip to the fringe festival. Long story short, and because I don't know anything else, Rich stayed in England and, as you can see, is doing great. Rock on.