Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Make It Weird


One thing I always stress in classes and, to no avail, in RvD meetings, is the need for scenes to be grounded in logic. The audience needs to be able to relate to what's going on and be able to buy what's going on. That said, I also love it when a scene goes weird. Twilight Zone, David Lynch, dada weird.

What most writers don't realize when they try to write something weird is that the audience still needs to be able to grasp the basics of what is going on. A main character still needs to have a strong want that's easy to understand. But that's all you really need. All I need is one character emotionally invested in trying to fit in and everyone else can be a nun on Jupiter playing ping pong.

So, the assignment? Write a simple scene. Make it weird. And let the weevils dine on your forehead.

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