Friday, June 19, 2009


This is going to be a stellar weekend of comedy. The TBS "Just For Laughs" festival is happening all over Chicago this weekend. (Not really sure why this event got organized. I guess just for laughs.)

Tonight I'm seeing Brick, a highly acclaimed (and somewhat disbanded?) Chicago sketch comedy group. Sunday it's Michael Showalter, of The State, Stella and (my favorite) The Baxter.

But the coup of grace really happens on Sunday at the Bob Odenkirk and David Cross and Friends and me in the audience show. Aside from an actual Beatles reunion show where John and George were raised from the dead, there is no live show more worth seeing than this one. Just in case anyone who reads this blog is uninitiated to Bob and David, here is a classic Mr. Show sketch.

Here's another picture of Bob Odenkirk with a passerby. (Bob is the white guy who is smiling.)


Gamer18548 said...

This is my #1, too, although "Taped Live Call-In Show" is a close second. Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but is that Ryan Phillipe with Bob Odenkirk? Who knew Ryan would come to Chicago "just for laughs!"

Nat Topping said...

That can't be Ryan Phillipe. That guy is too ugly. Too too ugly.

Very ugly.

Crump said...

When did you get that photo!?