Monday, June 8, 2009

Dear Business Associate: Don't Write Like An Idiot

One of my BIGGEST pet peeves of the professional world is when PEOPLE use unnecessary capitalization, EXCLAMATION AND QUESTION marks, bolding and italicization in THEIR email!!!!!! If you’ve read my blog, CLEVER TITLE, you MIGHT have seen another post where I complained about THIS problem?????!! It IS a problem that persists, though; ONE that pertains SPECIFICALLY!!! to work related email that is meant for OTHER business professionals. It is UNACCEPTABLE TO ME that people write like spastic fourteen year old children to each other while TRYING to conduct business for which YOU are paid money!!!!!!!!! You are GROWN-UPS, for chrissake!!!! Learn to act like A grown-up WITH OTHER grown-ups when doing grown up THINGS!!!!.?!!?! IT IS NOT THAT hard.



Gamer 18548 said...

my pet peeve is actually the opposite when someone doesnt use any capitilization or punctuation and i just wonder if this isnt actually worse than over capitilization because at least your person understands the power of punctuation where this person seems like they just learned typing

GW said...

surely there must be some sort of compromise between these two writing styles

...Like SPLITTING it UP 50/fifty?!!?!?!!!!!!

Or just using appropriate punctuation, but mispeling words every one in a while.

Chris said...

Hardly unspecified Scriv with swept machine m' he wants it and then he translated on l' Internet in another language and then lately in l' ; inglese.

Nat Topping said...

CHRIS I wholeheartedly AGREE!!!?!!?!