Thursday, June 11, 2009

About me

Name: Geoff Crump

Me on a good day:

Me on not a good day:

Place of current living: Chicago, Illinois
Population: 2,740,224

Place of growing up in: Machias, New York
Population: 2,482

Place of graduation: Pioneer Central Schools

Place of not graduation: Nazareth College

Stupidest thing I have ever done: Feeding a wild bear out of my hand

Like father, like son

My dog: Rudy

The first play I ever did: The Diviners

The first musical I ever did: Oklahoma!

Me as a child:

Me as an adult child:

Most interesting place I have worked: Disney World

Least interesting place I have worked: The game room at Nazareth College (watched a lot of pro-wrestling though. Too sweet!)

Longest relationship: Erin Crump, my wife. 7 years (so far)

Shortest relationship: Laura Feligno. Technically 3 days

JV soccer:

Varsity soccer:

My 3 proms (In order of senior year, junior year, and sophomore year):

Me and my dad, after I accepted my Bishop's Award for Altar Server Excellence:

My mom feeding a wild deer from her mouth:

One of several failed attempts at doing a quick, cheap, headshot:

Don't forget to get your TV converter box.


Nat Topping said...

Last Line = Classic

Chris Othic said...

Skinny Geoff Crump = awesome.