Monday, June 29, 2009

Mmmm... potato chips.

Seriously, next week I'll get the whole "Sunday" thing right. The fact that the Pride parade takes place more or less in my own backyard gave me an excuse to start drinking at 10 a.m. and call it a night when it was still technology day time.

I've been trying to hold back on a particular subject, illustrated by a particular ad campaign that has been running for a few months now, but one additional viewing of a Frito Lay "Only in a Woman's World" TV spot today, and I couldn't sit idly and watch absolute crap in progress. I'm not the first female to point out all of the missteps that occur in the process of marketing to the fairer sex (Sarah Haskins does it a million times better than I ever will), but seriously? You can't just draw up some little sassy cartoon everywomen with odd-looking cartoon boobs and make them spout stupid, tired clichés about scales and PMS and diets and pilates. Just because it is, in some fashion, relatable, it is neither humorous nor endearing. Show me a woman that saw any of these spots and peed in her pants laughing, and I will show you a woman with incontinence issues that I am probably not friends with.

Of course, I may be jaded, but I'm also not a dummy. If these spots weren't working in some manner, Frito Lay wouldn't blow their ad budget on glorified Cathy cartoons. But the thought that you can reach into an entire gender's inner psyche by way of "Haha I ate an entire chocolate cake now I'm going to work out for six hours to burn it off I'm so moody let's go buy shoes" is demeaning.

Me? I steal my shoes from homeless people.

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