Wednesday, June 3, 2009

RoboWriters Update!


This week, write a scene that uses the whole theater space as a location. For example, a classroom, with the audience as student, or the whole theater is a swimming pool with the lifeguard on stage and the audience is the pool or swimmers in the pool.


We've been talking about RvD doing a podcast and are exploring the technical side of such an endeavor. I have been taking a class at Columbia that has been schooling me in Garage Band and iMovies - two applications I have on my laptop and have barely touched in a year.

Here is my first foray into editing in iMovies. Enjoy. It's very thrilling.


Nat Topping said...

I found this surprisingly entertaining. Which is probably sad.

GW said...

I totally get what you were trying to say through your art.

Crump said...

I find it amazing that all of those laptops are all in one room. Why laptops? Are people allowed to just take those computers out of the room if they want?

Joe Janes said...

It's an IT classroom. You don't have to bring your own laptop. They get locked up right after class.