Wednesday, May 6, 2009

RoboWriters Update!

Okay, we have two RoboWriter meetings under our belt and things are looking strong for the weekly drop-in session for sketch comedy writers. Here are the two assignments from the last two weeks....

4/26/09 - Base a character on your opposite sex parent. Either use them directly, such as Anthony did with having his mom do a press conference on behalf of the Center for Disease Control on how to handle swine flu. Or simply infuse a character with your opposite sex parent, regardless of the character's gender. I am considering making my mother the fourth or fifth man on the moon.

5/3/09 - Write a scene that takes place in a dynamic environment, such as in a house that is on fire, a boat that is sinking or a submarine that is under attack.

Our regular weekly meetings will be at The Bourgeois Pig Cafe although this Sunday it's a RoboWriters Field Trip! Yeah! We're going to the Webster Wine Bar and staying for an event called Second Story. Details are to your right.

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