Monday, February 9, 2009

Vladimir Putin - Prime Minister and Dancing Queen?

On my regular blog Clever Title I have made known my fascination with Vladimir Putin, the steely eyed Russian who fights bears with the same ferocity as he strangles democracy.

For those of you who don't know, here's my favorite picture of him.

The man is ex-KGB, a judo master and once stabbed a saber tooth tiger with it's own teeth. But this is just his public persona. What do we know about the man behind that cold, cold, cold, ice cold mask? Does he love babies or does he eat them? Is his favorite meal Iron Ingots? What type of music does he like?

Well, it turns out we can answer at least one of those questions.

Apparently, Vladimir Putin love ABBA cover bands.

He... wait, what? Seriously? He... really?

But.... But....

This is all according to the ABBA tribute band Bjorn Again and, of course, Putin never admits to being a closet ABBA fan in the article. Probably to keep his persona intact. But who would make up a story like that? I mean, this band is staring death in the face here. Anyone remember Alexander Litvinenko? Of course you don't - the bastard's dead. Here's a picture after Putin was done with him:

So the question becomes, is Vladimir Putin actually a soft, cuddly teddy bear underneath that exterior, or is this like Curly's glove from Of Mice and Men?

I prefer to believe the later.

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