Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Post President's Day Post... POST!

Sweet holy moses, three posts in one day! This must mean somebody or some people were sick/lazy.

My excuse for missing Monday? I was observing one of my favorite holidays: President's Day.

That's right, I'm one of the three people who celebrate President's Day.

President's Day got it's start as an observance of Washington's birthday. Once it became obvious that Washington wasn't going to declare himself dictator for life the holiday was extended to the rest of the Presidents. Because lord knows that power, priviledge and a lifetime's worth of lucrative speaking tours isn't enough the bastards need a holiday too.

I like to celebrate President's Day by spending hours reflecting on a different President each year. This year was one of my favorite Presidents: Martin Van Buren.

Now that is a handsome man.

Fun Facts about Martin Van Buren!

  • He was the first President that was born an American citizen (all the other Presidents had lived under British rule prior to the revolution) yet his first language was Dutch!

  • Van Buren rode into office on the coat tails of Andrew Jackson!

  • Van Buren was widely considered a shitty President (his nickname? Martin Van Ruin), was voted out after four years, and died of Pneumonia!

  • Wikipedia Trivia: "In an episode of The Monkees entitled "Dance, Monkee, Dance", Martin Van Buren is the answer to a trivia question entitling callers to a free dance lesson. Later in the episode, Van Buren himself shows up for the lesson."

Tune in next year, when I celebrate the exciting life and times of President Millard Fillmore!


Chris Othic said...

Martin Van Buren was a piece of shit!

Mike Bauman said...

In that episode of The Monkees, Davy turns out to be a shitty dance instructor, so Davy Jones is a bigger piece of shit than Martin Van Buren. On the other hand, Martin Van Buren is a bigger piece of shit than Peter Tork. Van Buren and Micky Dolenz are equally shitty. The shit quotient of Michael Nesmith is unknown, but is thought to be at LBJ levels.