Sunday, February 22, 2009

Live blogging three minutes of the Oscars

I'm currently working halfheartedly and balancing a glass of Oscar-night champagne on my laptop.

Cuba Gooding Jr. is yelling at Robert Downey Jr. Christopher Walken has curly tendrils. Kevin Kline's soothing voice is lulling me into a trance.

Heath Ledger just won! This is doubly satisfying because a) the award is very much deserved, and b) The Dark Knight is the only movie I've seen this awards season that was nominated. I really have no other reason to keep watching -- for some reason I stopped being able to justify spending $10 to sit in a dark theatre when I can spend $0 to sit in my dark living room, eating my roommates' Pringles.

Now Bill Maher is talking. He's talking about the Maysles brothers in some Oscars-related context (if you're ever in the mood to watch something amazing and crazy, rent Grey Gardens).

Question of the Sunday:
If you ever won and Oscar, real or made of Deviled Ham, what would you say? Who would you thank?

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