Sunday, February 8, 2009

He may not be into you, but he'll probably be into this:

I just got back from a rousing viewing of He's Just Not That Into You, and now my head is swimming with this strange mixture of masochistic guilt and twisted empowerment. But just to be clear, I WILL TEXT YOU AS MANY TIMES AS I DAMN WELL PLEASE.

Heed my advice and don't waste your time (although I doubt you even needed a warning). If your girlfriend wants to drag you to said movie, offer her a game of Connect Four or half of your sandwich instead. If your friends who are girls want to drag you, remind them that life is not a romantic comedy and then throw a Marian Keyes book at their respective necks. If they insist, make them buy you seven or eight drinks first.

Before I go back to feeling like a goon for paying $12 to see my gender repeatedly slammed against a brick wall for two hours and eleven minutes, I thought I'd take a break to make mention of the approach of my upcoming Writing 5 show. (I was told that we could use this blog for shameless self-promotion - I hope that was true.) Anyway, But These Are My Dress Clothes will run Fridays at 9:00 from March 13-April 10 in Donny's Skybox. It should be pretty funny, it will probably call you back, and if you date it for seven years, it will most likely give in and marry you.

Have you seen this? I'm not sure which is more impressive - the uncanny resemblance or the time it took to amass such an extensive photo collection.

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Joe Janes said...

I like the W5(6) title. Ours is "Everybody Put In A Dollar." Of course, not everyone is happy with it. A lot of dick jokes got shot down. You'd think Chris Othic was in the class.