Tuesday, July 21, 2009

You Shall Not Pass

Wow, it’s hard enough being unemployed, but I’d hate to be looking for a job in Rio De Janeiro:

“Jobless people seeking information about their benefits on the Brazilian Labor Ministry's Web site were forced to type in passwords such as "bum" and "shameless."

Labor Minister Carlos Lupi is apologizing for the situation — and he blames a private company that created the site's security system.

Lupi isn't naming the company, but says its contract with the ministry wasn't being renewed, which may have prompted the pranks.”

I realize it’s a mean trick, but how much fun would it be if every website did this to it’s users? Here’s a list of a few mandatory passwords I’d like to see:

Facebook: “getalife”

Myspace: “stillonMySpace?”

Classmates.com: “theystilldontthinkthatyourecool”

Match.com: “hesjustnotthatintoyou”

AARP: “youregonnadiesoon”

I Love Stuffed Animals: “stayawayNatToppingthatisreallysick”

RvD Blog: “theremustbesomethingfunnieroutthereforyou”

All other websites: “shouldntyoubeworkingrightnow?”

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Nat Topping said...

I went to that Love Stuffed Animals website and found this:

"I love my stuffed animals. I have collected them for 35 years and I have millions. I am not joking when I say that."