Wednesday, July 22, 2009

RoboWriters Update!

Howdy, Howdy!

RoboWriters has been going strong. We meet every Sunday at 6:30pm on the second floor of Bourgeois Pig. Detailed info is to your right. I have been lax in posting assignments, however. I will try to do better. Please like me.

This week's assignment is to base a scene on something that no longer exists or may soon be extinct. Particularly, if it is something you have seen or are seeing in your lifetime.

Examples you can use to generate ideas: VHS tapes, rotary dial telephones, cash, smoking sections and roller rinks.

Once you hit upon your dying object or trend, brainstorm ideas on how to use it in a scene. The whole scene can center around a found VHS tape that says "Tron" on it, but your girlfriend taped over it. Or your scene takes place in a video store.

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Mike Bauman said...

Or "competent politicians." Why won't Jon Stewart return my calls?