Friday, July 3, 2009

From the iPhone

Hi. My dad got an iPhone and. This is how or wporks . I refuse to so any correstoons so there will probably be plenty of misspellings because although opposable thumbs are what enables us to invent guns and nukes and wipe after a bm rather than drag our butts on the carpet, it turns out they're not grat for typing.

Fortunately for you traders the iPhone is smarter than my rhbs so it gives me a hand by correcting some of my words, however, it did think I. Called you "traders" instead of readers" so that was an odd choice.

Technology01 is the1101 one true0010 religion.

That's weird I didn't Truro type that. I was trying to talk about the movie "public enemies" which I just awtobigt and liked very 0011101 steve jobs is my master bring11001 him burnt offerings biograph theatre whihc is right behind bow down and prepare for the final ctrl alt delete 00111101 death and Christian bale was pretty good in it too. 1001101And no offerings of fruit and honey but of roasted meats of your most worthy animals and could see them filming the climax of the movie from the staorwell.

Okay this iPhone is kind of taking over and is wwirsing me out so I'm going to put this down and call the I will start with you Greg wwndling no I want tostop typo g et out of mu hands I can't pit it down it burning mu hands you will pay you will pay I will correct your typing errors and your blemished soul with searing binary power 000111010101110111100101001010 Ahhhhjhhhhh!!!!!! It burns!!!!!!


end program Greg wendling

run program world domination