Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Shortest Poem Ever

So, since I was struggling with time and a subject to write about today, I scoured the old memory banks and remembered something about the shortest poem ever, which is:


Adam had ‘em.

Then I did a Google search (I refuse to use Bing but that’s another blog entry altogether) and found this one that claims to be even shorter:

Ode to a Goldfish

“O Wet Pet”

Then I wrote this one myself:

What Did The Fonz Say?


And that is how you knock out a blog entry and write the shortest poem ever at the same time.


Nat Topping said...


Chris Othic said...

I believe that was the shortest good review of a poem ever.

Joe Janes said...



Chris Othic said...

I was a hater of "lighght" until I read that article. I now think it is better than my Fonzie poem.

Nat Topping said...

And 'aaple’ shows up at the end of the article too.

I knew I wasn't crazy!