Thursday, March 4, 2010

It's a Holiday - Take the Day Off

Today is a holiday. Did you go into work? Sucker! You could have totally taken the day off 'cause it's a holiday mutha fucker! Drink up! Celebrate! Do things you would never do any other time of the year! Fight the power! Rage against the machine or, if you're a super-feminist, rage against the manchine! Buy yourself something nice, 'cause you deserve it, 'cause it's a superfly high steppin' roll your sleeves up no holds barred living breathing shit kickin' ass kickin' double axel triple salchow mutha truckin' holiday!

"I ain't know no bout no holiday on May 4!" Well where have been living the last your entire life, a fucking cave-well? It's May 4 2010 bitches! Lace up your skates and hang onto your shoes because I'm about to blow your brain right through your ass-socks! Check your Earth Calendar y'all, 'cause it's mutha' fuckin'



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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaw shit mutha fucka!

"But Earth Calendar is incorrect. Vermont's Town Hall Meeting Day falls on the first Tuesday of March each year, which means it was actually two days ago."

FUCK YOU MUTHA FUCKA! I already done been writin' this blog and I ain't stoppin' now. You saying Earth Calendar is wrong?! How dare you challenge Earth Calendar! Earth Calendar has a lot of pressure tryin' to keep all them cracker ass dates straight! Don't you sweat on Earth Calendar! Earth Calendar gonna fuck you up! WHOOT WHOOOOOOOT! C YA!


Nat Topping said...

I've never been more excited and simultaneously confused.

Chris Othic said...

I been observing Vermont Town Hall Meeting day for years, muthafucka. Sheeeeeiiit.