Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Jersey Bore

I do a fair amount of improvised comedy around Chicago. Being a responsible improviser means keeping up with pop culture junk. Today I saw MTV was running a Jersey Shore marathon. I have been avoiding this show as I do with most reality bull shit put these moronic insects in a jar and then shake it style shows. I turned on the marathon. It was fairly early in what I think was the the first episode. I had tried to watch this show a few weeks ago and only made it about 15 minutes in before I shut it off in disgust. Today I was surprised to find that my disgust melted away rather quickly. In it's place rushed a bath of boredom. People have been going nuts for this show, and I don't know why. Even in the realm of watching idiots do idiotic things on TV this was pretty bargain basement crud. Really, really boring. I left the show on while I cleaned my living room and it remained boring. I saw almost 4 hours worth, all boring as hell. Maybe I wasn't really putting enough effort into watching, or maybe people bickering over pointless issues doesn't entertain me (although when the Smothers Brothers do it... pure gold). The show was dull, and I will not spend any more time writing about it.

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