Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Challenge Accepted: A Dick Joke A Day For A Week

After a lot of thought, and some inspiration from Joe Janes, I have decided to embark on an epic journey of my own. I have decided to post one dick joke a day for an entire week at my new blog: A Dick Joke A Day For A Week

So you can click the link to read about it over there, or just read below because I have used copy and paste technology to let you read it over here. But if you want to leave a comment, please do so over at A Dick Joke A Day For A Week.

Here’s how it will work.

1) I will post the first draft of one dick every night before going to bed. A dick joke is any joke you can make about your own or someone else’s dick, how they use it or don’t use it, the size of it, including length and girth or lack thereof. This includes “My dick is so big” jokes, “My dick is so small” jokes, boner jokes, flacid humor, and generally any joke with the word “dick” in it.

2) Six night of the week will be original dick jokes generated specifically for this project. On Sunday night, I will post a revised dick joke that was previously written but has never been produced on stage. I actually have a lot of those, but for this project I will only need to use the one dick joke I wrote back in 1998.

3) I will also include my thoughts on the dick joke, how it was developed and internal and external updates on the project itself as the spirit moves me or in response to feedback and questions. This is the teacher in me. I want this to be a beneficial experience for other writers of dick jokes.

4) All material is copyrighted by me and may not be used in any form or media without express written permission by me or the baseball commission. Actually, forget it, my dick jokes are yours for the taking.

5) Feedback on material in the comment section is invited and encouraged. You may also offer up challenges/suggestions on what kinds of dick jokes you would like to see me try to write.

6) These are to be considered first drafts. Works in progress. I am free to rewrite any or all dick jokes.

So that’s it. Here is Dick Joke One of Seven:

“My dick is so small that I got a tattoo of a ruler on the side of it and it only went to 18 inches. Wait, that’s a ‘my dick is so big joke!”

My thoughts:

Okay, I liked this first one. It seems like it’s kind of funny, what with the image of a ruler being tattooed on a penis and how painful that would be and stuff. I basically sat down with a blank slate, and as you might have noticed I got a little confused because I thought I was writing a “My dick is so small” joke but in the end it was a “my dick is so big joke.” But I decided to just keep it that way because I liked that it had a twist ending, just like my dick.

Wow, only six more to go! See you tomorrow at A Dick Joke A Day For A Week!


Joe Janes said...

Hmmm... Are these original dick jokes, or have they been building up in you for years?

Chris Othic said...

True story: About 10 years ago I read Drew Carey's book "Dirty Jokes and Beer." There is a chapter in that book called "100 My Dick is so Big Jokes" or something. There are some pretty good ones. I was so inspired then that I made my own list (I have it somewhere and it will be it's own blogpost someday). So, to answer your question, yes and yes. I've always been a fan of dick jokes, and my specialty has actually been the "My Dick Is So Small" joke, for obvious reasons if you've seen me naked.

If you check out A Dick Joke A Day For One Week, you will learn more about my process. But these are original jokes, as far as you or I know.