Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sing [and go F] off!

NBC has a new show called "The Sing-Off!" It's a week long competition between various a capella groups from around the country. They are competing for a recording deal or something. It's just awful. I remember thinking a capella groups were cool, and even thinking about being a part of one. I don't know when I started hating them, but I hate them. I hate your stupid, cutesy covers of classic music and your feigned drama and emotion as you try to get that audition for that Broadway musical you always dreamed of in between getting ridiculed by high school meatheads. This show makes me genuinely furious. It fucking sucks. Also "Glee" is awful. I watched about 10 minutes of an episode and turned it before my brain melted into a puddle of boredom. I'd be more articulate but the video card on my laptop is slowly dying and it only works on the lowest VGA resolution setting so everything is giant and hard to read and internet pages don't fit on my screen properly. This ends my blog for today. I did it. So eat my nuts Othic, I love you.


Chris Othic said...

I love you, too, Geoff.

And man, Glee is bad but The Sing-Off is horrible. I've walked through the room a couple of times and Mary had it on but the sound was turned down. It still sounded bad. I said, "Am I hearing that right?" So she turned it up and, man, that is one awful show. My ears are bleeding.

Nat Topping said...

So, what does it say about us that at least three of we RvD members were watching the show last night?

I actually enjoyed myself. Not because I like a capella groups - I have a long and storied history of despising them for their angelic singing, no instrument playing, self important despite the stupidity of what they do, ridiculous douche selves.

No, I enjoyed it because the show was kind of like a train wreck. And Nick Lachey is my favorite robot TV host. He so dreamy.

GW said...

As a human who has a distant coworker whose son appeared on the show last night, I am offended by this post.

If RvD started an acapella group, we would probably be the Hysteroctetomies. But we'd need two new members first.

Crump said...

Are you counting a woman and her uterus as two separate people? That's racist. Also I hope you distant co-worker's son did great on the show and wins the whole thing and I never have to hear about any of it or get subjected to any of it ever ever. Two evers is not a typo, I'm covering my next lifetime too.