Thursday, December 31, 2009

1 More Year Down, and an Unknown Amount of Time To Go

So I get to have the first Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve double wang bango on this here ol blog for the first time in it's history. I think. Can't remember how long ago we started this blog, and damned if I'm going to research it. You may think I would do some funny blog about New Year's Resolutions but those type of things are over done and most resolutions don't hold true anyway and those that do would scare me into thinking I was some sort of future seer or something. So instead I am just doing some stream of consciousness writing. I won't be going ack to fix or edt anything nor will I be running spell check or grammar fixit or anything else for that mater. This is it - the raw realness of realness. I eard that James Joyce writes like this, or at east he did while he was alive. I foyu have ever read one of his books you will know it to be true. I remember in AP English (that's "Advanced Placement" - that's right, I was a smart one. Would have been really smart if I applied myself ) I remember in AP English we had a proect where our teacher gave us a list of boks and we would choose which book we wanted to read. Then you would get in a grou with other students that picked the same book. You would have to read a certain number of chapers or pages at home, and then n class you would get together with your group and discuss the previous reading from last night. I guess I could have saved some time by saying "In AP English we had a bok club", but to late now. S I asked the teacher "What is the most difficult book to tackle on this list" and she told me "Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man" by James Joyce. So I said "I want to do that one". I was - scratch that - for being a pretty big slacker/coaster in school I for whatever reason used to like challenging mysef from time to time, which is why I tokk all the AP classes instead of opting for just the gen ed studies. In what I think was 3rd or 4th grade reading class (an advanced reading class) we had to red several books and a student would pick out which book we had to read. Once that one was done a new student got to pick out the next book. When it came to me I picked out "The Last of the Mohicans", which was the longest book I coud find on hand. The teacher was pleased at my gumption. The rest of the students vetoed the idea completely. So some other friends, I think 2 others, said "Yes, I would also like to read the most difficult book on hand". I won't say thi was a mistake, because I did like the bok and the experience, but ever y class went pretty much the same way. We got n our groups and me and the other James Joyce readers stared at each other for a couple moments and went "I have no fucking idea wat I read last night. This is a tangled garbled mess". But we got through it and I'm glad I did and I remember getting like a 95% or perhaps even a 100% on my final report. So hooray for that. Also the teacher wanted to make love to me. Seriously. It was never a real issue and she neevr persued it or anything like that. There was never any awkward brushing up against each other moments or quiet stay after class olone together moments or anything like that, but the attraction was there (more so on her side. I was young and a boy and if you didn't look svelte i probably didn't care to stick it in you which I didn't end up sticking into anyone in high school so my bad there. I did try to seduce a really cute student teacher once and I actually think it went well and I could have probably sealed the deal except for the fact that I am awkward as hell with women when it comes to actually hitting on them or asking them out or asking them for sex. I'm just to blatant about it really. Did I have a parethesis earlier that must be closed now? Can't remember. Well might as well) So I did well in Ap English. A few ears later I ran into my old English Lit teacher at an outdoor free concert. Cooincidentally it was the same day I was auditioning for something called "improv" with a group called ComedySportz. This was n Buffalo. My Enlish Lit teacher, one of the first things he sadt to me was "You know, ***** still wants you" I say "I know" He say "Carnally" I say "Yup" I left the teacher s name ut for whatever's sake. I also took AP History. Loved the teacher, ated American History. I almost failed that one. Well, not really I guess. I passed and got college credit for the course (this was still in high school. We had special prorams and such) and I also tok the AP final test. That was the thing. With an AP class the class was primarily there to prepare you for the AP final test and the test scored from 1 to 5 and if you did well enpgh (at least a 3) a lot of colleges would accept that as college credit so you could skip some of your gen ed classes when you went to college. For AP History they just started implementing a thing where you could actually just pay for the course , like you would pay for credit hours for a college course, so if you passed the course it was just the same as if you were to pass the course while being in colege. So I did that. So by paying for the course I didn't even have to take the final AP test. I had already got my college credit for it. But I took the test anyway, because smetimes I liked to challenge myself. Can't remember what I got on it though. It may have been a 3, but was probably more likely a 2. I just ddn't cae fore American history. I took it because t ended up being free. You had to pay for these AP final tetsts, like college credit hours. In AP history we did a fundraiser type thing. We sold gourmet lollipops. They were delicous. I htink the were like 75 cents each or something, maybe a dollar. I remember trying to come up with different marketing techniques because only your sales counted towads your test/pseudo college credits. It wasn't like we pooled them all together. for the whole class. So I would do a buy one get one or 2 for $1.50 or something like that. My favoirite, and best, plan was to give away coockies. We were selling them around Valentine's day so one night I made a whole bunch of heart shaped frosted sugar cookies and brought them to school. A free coockie went to anyone who bought a lollipop. I raked it in that day, and I remmebr one fellow student actually got very mad at me, even complained to the teacher, that I was cheating or it wasn't fair or something. Luckily the teacher was on my side in the argument "It's just good marketing". So I ended up getting the college course credits for free, as well as making anough extra to pay for the AP final history test, which is one reasone I decided to take it judt for the hell f it, and I also ended up with enought to pay for my cap and gown for graduation (I think that was a seperate drive, but still with lollipops). The girl that accused me of cheating was a girl I wanted sex with. I think it was worth it for the free college credits. I got away with a lot of stuff in high school I think because most of my teachers loved me. I did get into a pretty heated verbal argument with an English teacher once. Most of the class was gone on a trip or something so only like 3 of us were there. This may have been 8th grade though. Anyway... maybe 9th. Anyway this teacher was a fill in. Our previous teacher, who we loved, took a job in a different grade near the end of the year. So this new teacher came in to finish the year out. We did not like him, partly because he was a bit of a douche but mostly because he wasn't prepared or geared up for us. We were the smart ones. f the school. He used to just gives us dittos, which pissed us off. We weren't challenged and we hated that. So there was a lot of classroom tension. So at this one day there was only like 3 or 4 of us nin class. He let us spend the whole time - almost the whole time - just chatting and hanging out. Then with like 10 minutes left in class he decides we all need to sit down and read the next couple chapers of whatever book we were reading (Lord of the Flies I think). Laundry break. So he tells us to start reding and I start to argue with him because he has let us chat and relax the whole class up to this point and if we start reading furthr into the book we are going to be ahead of everyone else because this partcular reading assignemnt was not previously assigned and our other classmates wuld not have known to reas ahead and this project we were on relied heavily on us all being on the same part of the bok. So there was some shouting back and forth and perhaps some hurting of each other's pride and I threw my bok at one pooint and in the end we all sat there for like 5 minutes a read quietly until the class period ended. I also almost got into a fist fight wth the basketball coach in high school which was extra strange since I did not play basketball and was not involed with the team in any way. So things were fun in high school sometimes. My friend took the Ap physics test while on Acid and did very good. It wasn't AP though, that's right - it was just plain old physics. It was an advanced class, but not AP colege credit type. I need to starte getting ready so we can start the New Year's Day. Starting with going to see Avaatar in Imax 3D. Happy New Year.

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