Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Dream

I am at the grocery store (Dominick's for those that know it). I am getting ready to go to Ian and Travis' parties. They are each having a party, not having one party together. I haven't really been walking through the store, I just end up at the front waiting to get into a checkout line with a couple items in hand. Candy bars I think. Oh, there is a Dominick's pizza. The uncooked kind that I just toss in the oven at home myself. Yum yum, I'll grab that. Once again I am waiting not in an actual checkout line, I am simply waiting to decide which line I want to go to. There are a couple people next to me contemplating the same decision. As I am waiting I see beer in the front of the store. It's in you standard beer cooling shelves, but the cooling shelves are located at the very front of the store right next to the sliding doors. Strange place to put the beer cooling shelves I think for a second. My mind then jumps to the remembrance that to be a stand-up individual I should probably bring some beer to the party. However I am poor, so I can't buy beer for both parties. Plus I now have this pizza that is digging into my finances. What to do, what to do? In the midst of this contemplation I have chosen a checkout line and am in fact already in the process of checking out. As the checkout lady scans my pizza I realize that I can't get the pizza, not so much because of my financial situation, but more so the fact that today is Friday and I will not be going home until Sunday because I will be at these parties until at least Sunday, and I don't think I can keep the pizza unrefrigerated for that long. The thought finishes just after the checkout girl has finished ringing me up and gives me the total due. say "I'm sorry. I messed up. I no longer want the pizza, so please refund it back to me." The checkout girl looks at me as if I just asked to eat the legs off of her puppy. "You can just leave it out" she says. How did she know I was worried about leaving the pizza out for two days? Get out of my head checkout girl! I still don't trust the unrefrigerated pizza approach so I ask again to have the pizza refunded and then I'll grab some beer in it's place. The checkout girl disappears. I wait and wait. Maybe she is going to get a manager. Maybe she went on break. Why can't I just return this pizza? Waiting... waiting.... waiting.... and then I wake up.


GW said...

Your dream is a reality for 1,000s of others out there, Geoff. Thank you for sharing the horrible effects of your latest -ectomy. (I forget which kind you had.)

Chris Othic said...

Why wouldn't you just eat the pizza at the party? Why wait two days to eat it when you get home.

You're dreams make no sense.

What kind of pizza was it? I hope it was pepperoni. That's the one Dominick's does the best.

Crump said...

It was pepperoni. It's the kind I almost always get in real life.