Friday, September 25, 2009

Outrage over Barack Obama song in school

Couldn't figure out how to post this video, so here is the link.

I was just as pissed as that guy, but my rant went like this:

Here the liberals go again. Indoctrinating their children with the belief that the autofocus button on an amateur camcorder is completely optional--that the substance matters more than presentation. I remember my parents filming my class singing "Yum Yum Yum Ronald Reagan" and, oh, oh! the clarity on that VHS tape. The song blew chimps, but the z-axis focus? Come on! We didn't even have HD back then, but we would have utilized it. But these progressivistic parents and their arty French films. Where are the Freedom films? Have we forgotten September 11?


Chris Othic said...

Other great school songs about past presidents:

Tasty Tasty Warren G. Harding

Actually, I think that's the only one.

Joe Janes said...

There's something about our template that seems to cut off about a fourth of a video when you are able to post it. Let me try to change it.

Joe Janes said...

Yeah. I couldn't figure it out either, even using a YouTube version. Still cut off the side of the picture. What do you think of the new template?