Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Creepy Hug Presents: Dirt Nap!

Hey everybody,

Another sketch group I'm a part of, *Creepy Hug, opens our eighth show, entitled "Dirt Nap" this Friday at 8pm at Gorilla Tango, and I sincerely believe it just might be the funniest show *Creepy Hug has ever done. Come see it soon! Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm from September 18 - October 10 at Gorilla Tango (1919 N Milwaukee). Tickets are $12. Book them at or at 773-743-8338.

Here's the show description:

Death is coming! Not just for you, but for everybody, eventually. The fact is every animal on the planet is destined to take one final breath before cashing in; checking out; meeting their maker; paying the piper; kicking the bucket; buying the pine box condo; biting the big one; becoming worm food. The choice is yours: either waste time crying over the impending endless vacation, or laugh at the face of death. Regardless, we’re all destined for a Dirt Nap.

Creepy Hug’s eighth sketch show, Dirt Nap, is a high-energy revue that makes light of the eternal darkness. With songs, puppies and puppets, the ensemble cast finds laughs in facing one’s fears, a doctor’s bad news, and a dying mother’s final request. In addition to being an hour of engaging comedy, Dirt Nap will help you come to terms with that fatal flop, the cessation siesta, the terminal trance, necrosis nod, hibernation in heaven….you get the point.


Chris Othic said...

Early word is it is DOA.

GW said...


Chris Othic, ladies and gentlemen!