Monday, May 3, 2010

The Way to a Putin's Heart is Through a Killer Kitten

For those of you foolish enough to visit my regular blog, Clever Title, you are probably already aware that I have an unhealthy Vladimir Putin fixation.

Why would any red blooded American have such a man-crush on the strong armed Russian puppet master? Two reasons.

Reason Number One: LOOK INTO HIS EYES!!

Can you feel the deep Siberian chill echoing through your soul now? I’ll bet you can.

Reason Number Two: He’s like the Russian Chuck Norris, except (a) Vladimir Putin serves the sexy powers of darkness, and (b) Vladimir Putin’s crazy exploits ARE REAL.

Exhibit A, one article detailing an exchange of gifts between Vladimir Putin and Iran. Most world leaders exchange fruit baskets. Putin exchanges KILLER CATS. In this instance we’re talking Persian Leopards, which Putin hopes to reintroduce to the Caucasus region so that he can finally have a worthy adversary in hand to hand combat.

Contrary to popular belief, that cage is to protect the leopard.

I’ll start taking bets in the comment section – not ‘who would win’ but ‘how many seconds before Putin is wearing that cat like a tuxedo?’


Susie G said...

Thank you for posting this. It reminded me that I have not googled pictures of Russia's hottie president Medvedev in a long time.

Chris Othic said...

I think 17 seconds after this photo was taken Putin was wearing a spotted cardigan.