Wednesday, May 12, 2010

David Facchini - Renaissance (Faire) Man

David Facchini is a fascinating guy. I know David as the director of all 9 of Creepy Hug's sketch revues (plus 3 Sketchfests--or maybe just two--I can't remember.) But he's also a home-makeoverer. He's auditioning for a reality show on HGTV. He wants to be to the All-American Handyman Competition what Collier Strong is to the Loreal Paris make-up room on Project Runway. And I for one would let him style up my home any day.

Creepy Hug rehearses regularly in David's condo, the very one featured in this video, and he blends functionality with aesthetics so well that I didn't realize many of these things I've seen for years had function. I just thought they were to make his studio space look even cooler than it is. His whole space is basically one big room that he's sectioned off into about 5 or 6 spaces (plus bathroom and walk-in closet) in innovative ways.

If you aren't funny or cute enough to be invited to David's place, check out what you're missing in his audition video below!


Joe Janes said...

Holy shit. I need David to move into my apartment and pretend it's his for a month or two and then let me move back into it.

Nat Topping said...

"What Collier Strong is to the Loreal Paris make-up room on Project Runway"


*punches monitor out of confusion*

Chris Othic said...

I swear I saw a dead body in that storage compartment. Does David know that a headless priest is hiding behind his front door?