Sunday, February 21, 2010

I Was Going to...

...make fun of CPAC and Ron Paul, winner of CPAC's "Asshole We Support for President in 2012 Straw Poll." I did a Google image search for "Ron Paul." One of the first hits was a picture of a person in a polar bear costume - a bad polar bear costume.
"Ha ha!" I thought, "a Ron Paul search resulted in a lame polar bear costume. Comedy complete!" But wait, there's more!

This is a photo of the CFACT anti-global warming polar bear. One can only assume that this bear likes to swim. (Zing!) What is CFACT? CFACT is Collegians for a Constructive Tomorrow. These are people who are supposedly being educated but think that global warming is a myth. From their website:

Today, CFACT hit CPAC with a vengeance! Starting off the morning with doughnuts, we attempted to fatten up the CPAC crowd for the global cooling we're all experiencing! Folks lined up to sign our All Pain No Gain petition against Cap and Trade, while CFACT students and staff handed out buttons, bottle openers and doughnuts. The message was clear- tell our leaders we don't want Cap and Trade policies!

Later in the day, our polar bears hit the hallways to dance a little and give out cookies. "Got Global Warming? No? Have a cookie!" was what our student activists told CPAC attendees. Once again, it was busy at the petition table as folks crowded around anxious to sign the All Pain No Gain petition and get some milk and cookies!

CFACT call themselves conservative student activists. I call them


It's snowing in Chicago? That means Global Warming is a myth.


Hey, CFACT, go orally stimulate yourselves. Love, Mikey.

"Hello, we're a bunch of lying fuckfaces."


P Short said...

Have a look at who's on the board of CFACT. (They don't list their donors)

Atlas Research Foundation
John Locke Foundation
Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change
American Enterprise Institute

And who pays for those organizations? Follow the money.

Mike Bauman said...

I support the John Lock Foundation because I hate it when people walk in on me.

Comedy, baby!