Friday, August 7, 2009

An open letter to the cute little designers of Japan Airlines website

Congratulations on your very own big-boy website, Japan Airline web designer! Your Mommy will be SO PROUD of you! You have a couple pictures on there, some hyperlinks--whoa! calm down! I want the links to be hyper, not you, buddy! This is really good! We're going to hang it on the fridge when Mommy gets home. It looks just like a real website, and I'm super proud of you, Champ. To think you made it all out of glitter and dried beans. Very impressive.

So, just a few little things, Pal, nothing major. I think it's really neat just the way it is, but one thing that a lot of grown-ups like to do when they are flying in a plane--up-up and away!--is to ask the nice people at the airline if they can sit next to people that love them. When we're going to spend more than 40 hours flying roundtrip, Mommy and I like to sit by each other. That way Mommy won't get her shoulder drooled on by a sleeping stranger and I can take my shoes off without being embarrassed about my bunions.

Some of links are a little bit silly, aren't they! I like these two which look like they go two different places, but then, nope! they go to the same page! You're silly, you goofball!

You're getting sleepy, aren't you. Is it already 7:30? It's past someone's bedtime. Go on to bed, Junior, and take your toll free customer service number to bed with you. It stopped taking calls at 6:00 pm anyway. We'll talk about it more in the morning. Maybe we can look at some real websites tomorrow!

Please familiarize yourself with all the exits. I'm very pleased with you, little man.

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