Monday, August 17, 2009

Chris Flips

I saw a girl as I was walking in to work today and she was wearing neon blue flip flops and a perfectly matched neon blue skirt.

How does that work? Is that a fluke in her wardrobe that they would perfectly match? Was she getting dressed, grabbed the neon blue skirt and then thought “Waitaminute! I have a pair of flip flops that would be a perfect match with this skirt”? That could happen, right?

Was it a happy accident or did she work at it? Did she buy the flip flops first and then decide to find a matching skirt? Or did she buy the skirt first thinking it would be easier to find matching flip flops? Did she leave the house one day in search of flip flops, or was she specifically looking for neon blue flip flops? Or was she just looking for flip flops, and the neon blue ones were on sale? Was she maybe just bargain shopping? Or is it possible that she really needed flip flops and these were the only pair left at the store that fit? That's a possibility, isn’t it?

Does she also have other color matching skirts/flip flop sets? Does she have a yellow skirt and yellow flip flops? Green and green? Red and red? Did she have a choice between various neon colors, but went with blue for a particular reason? Did she think the odds were more favorable of finding a match with neon blue than any other neon color?

Isn’t it highly likely that she would at least have a black skirt and a pair of black flip flops? Does she enjoy wearing them as much as she enjoys wearing brighter colors? Does she eschew black and refuse to wear it? Are all of her flip flops neon or does she maybe have some earth tones mixed in there? You would think so, wouldn't you?

Does she sometimes wear complimentary neon colors, like red flip flops with a green skirt? Would she wear that at Christmas? Do you think she wears green and green on St. Patrick’s Day? Wouldn’t it be too cold for flip flops and skirts on those two holidays? Are there other holidays that would call for a flip flop/skirt color combination? Would she wear brown on Arbor Day? Would it even have to be a holiday to wear a special combination? Would she possibly wear blue flip flops with an orange skirt to a Bears game? Wouldn’t that also be too cold, especially if it was a late season game? What if it was a night game? Would she wear a completely different outfit? Would she wear jeans with flip flops? What color would the jeans be? Wouldn’t her feet still get cold? Shouldn’t she just stay home and watch the game on TV, if it’s that important to her to wear flip flops and a skirt? Isn't that a reasonable question to ask?

Do you think her earrings also matched her skirt and flip flops? Doesn’t that seem logical as earrings are one of the easiest things to accessorize and come in variety of colors? Will I lie awake tonight wondering if she was wearing neon blue earrings? Should I torture myself about this? If she was wearing neon blue earrings, isn't it likely I would have noticed, since they were neon? Isn’t it possible that they were probably just regular gold or silver earrings since those metals tend to go with a wide variety of colors and patterns? Is it also possible that maybe she wasn’t wearing earrings at all? Is it possible that she doesn’t have any ears? Did I not notice because I was too wrapped up in the questions about the neon blue flip flops/skirt combination? Am I overthinking this?

I wanted to stop and ask her these, and many other questions, but I hate coming into work after I get maced.

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