Thursday, April 9, 2009

A show? Why I do beleive we have one.

Before I begin I would like to reiterate:

The Return of the Maginicent RoboWriters
RoboWriters is a weekly drop-in workshop for sketch comedy writers of all levels. Come to get feedback on a scene you are already working on. Come to get ideas for new scenes. Come to hang out, read scenes, meet other writers.

Kick off is Sunday, April 26th from 6-8ish. This will be in room 101 of The Second City Training Center (first floor of Piper's Alley, past the security desk near the escalators). Like the normal coaching tradition, everyone will be asked to throw in five bucks for the workshop leader. All workshop leaders are members of Robot vs Dinosaur. The leader for the 26th will be Joe Janes. If you have an interested friend, feel free to bring them along!

So do that stuff up.

Last evening we had our first full cast rehearsal for our upcoming show, Run Palindrome Nur (yeah, I know my grammar on the name is wrong but I don't know how to make those backwards Rs and stuff). The rehearsal was a success! This whole experiment is going to work! What a country!

Seeing the scenes I haven't been a part of since the read through was really exciting, and having an actual crowd during crowd scenes is a blast and a half. The stage picture at the top of the show was enough to blow my mind. The cast works great together. The rehearsal couldn't have gone much better.

So that's about it. Not really articulate today I know, but there isn't much more to it really. Rehearsal was a blast, the show is going to be a blast, and you're a damn fool if you don't come see it. That's the news, and I am out of here *scribble scribble scribble fling!*

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