Monday, April 6, 2009

76 Degrees?! That's Freezing!

Anyone who has lived in Chicago knows that late Spring - early Summer is absolutely beautiful here. Unfortunately, getting there is a royal pain in the ass.

Yesterday afternoon was an unholy mixture of rain, thunderstorms, hail and snow. The high today is 36 degrees.

It is April.

It's at times like this where I like to hop on the old and look at exotic locales with more fortunate weather.

Places like Kahului, Hawaii. Here's the 10 day:

4/6 76 degrees
4/7 78 degrees
4/8 78 degrees
4/9 78 degrees
4/10 79 degrees
4/11 79 degrees
4/12 79 degrees
4/13 78 degrees
4/14 78 degrees
4/15 78 degrees

That would be a pattern. A lovely, lovely pattern.

Of course, to get that you would have to live in Hawaii. So, you know, you would have to put up with pineapples and luaus and surfing and constant sun and lazy afternoons at the beach and...

...I've depressed myself.

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