Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The BBC Writer's Room

I love British humor. They are always schooling us in the ways of sketch comedy (Beyond the Fringe, Monty Python, French and Saunders, Fry and Laurie, Little Britain, Mr. Bean, etc) and sit-coms (Coupling, The Office, Is There A Doctor in the House?, Fawlty Towers, etc).

They are inspiring in their creativity and bravery in this medium.

What I am most jealous of culturally is their love of radio. Our radio landscape has been reduced to shock jocks, blabbermouths and manufactured hits. British radio has their crap, too, but a good chunk of it is filled with high quality radio dramas and comedies. Nobody told them that Old Time Radio is over and done with.

A dream of mine is to write something that is able to cross the pond and work well on BBC radio or television.

Here's where I go to dream...

The BBC Writer's Room


Mike Bauman said...

The Goon Show on BBC Radio 7. The greatest program in the history of the universe.

WV: facrump

Joe Janes said...

Indeed. Love me some Goon.