Sunday, January 25, 2009

I think I know where she might be.

I'll make this short since it's already so late in the day, and I know you're probably watching the SAG awards and/or picking out which Lunchable you're going to bring to work tomorrow.

In a movie, when someone throws out the line "I think I know where she might be," eight times out of ten, she is at the cemetery. She is probably very old or, more likely, very young. And even though she can't tie her own shoes or spell her full name, she knows how to find The Town Cemetery and get there on her own. We're always left to wonder about her chosen mode of transportation, but it is usually via bike or public bus. Typically, she is found before nightfall. Sometimes she has a backpack full of flashlights.

The remaining two times out of ten, she has been on the roof the entire time.


GW said...

You might want to do a recount. At least one time out of ten she's looking at herself in a mirror. Sometimes that mirror is in a bedroom, sometimes in a storefront window, sometimes in an airport bathroom. Sometimes the mirror may be on the roof of a funeral home which further complicates the task of getting an accurate number on this one. Still I admire that you have begun the science of tracking her.

Chris Othic said...

It looks like someone besides me and my wife was watching "No Reservations" yesterday.

Catherine said...

Presumptuous! And true. I think I watched it to close to my first viewing of The Dark Knight, because I kept wondering when Aaron Eckhart was going to fall on the stove and turn into Two Face.