Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Curious Case of My Melting Mind

We humans in the RvD have decided that it was high time we started paying more attention to this blog. As of now each of us has one day a week where we are going to post something new. If all goes well *fingers crossed* there will be at least one new post every day. Now you have every reason to come back day after day after day! I have the honor of kicking this whole experiment off, so here I go:

Oscars Shmoscars. That’s right, I said it. I can't remember the last time I watched the Oscars, nor do I remember the last time I saw even 1/4 of the movies nominated for best picture. I think I stopped watching the Oscars after the 1997 Oscars when Cuba Gooding Jr won the Best Supporting Actor for his role in Jerry Maguire even though Ed Norton totally deserved it for Primal Fear. (side note - the entirety of Jerry Maguire is a steaming bag of poo in my opinion).

The nominations for this year's Oscars came out today and out of all of the movies nominated (and I mean for every category) I saw three of them - Iron Man, The Dark Knight, and Tropic Thunder. No thought provoking cinema for me apparently - I want action and/or comedy and lots of it.

I used to love watching important and inspiring films. Part of the problem is that I rarely go to the movies anymore. When I do go I want to see the latest blockbuster or silly comedy, while films like Doubt and Slumdog Millionaire barely make me raise an eyebrow. If I am watching movies at home I'd rather watch Beerfest for the hundredth time instead of renting the latest, greatest low budget independent film that won all the awards at Sundance (side note - Beerfest is 20 times better then Jerry Maguire).

I think my taste for movies is being directly affected by life itself. The country is in all sorts of despair and on a personal level I feel exhausted and beat down a lot of the time, so when it comes time for entertainment I'd rather have something that I don't have to think hard about and is going to lift my spirits in the process. I call it Shiny Object Syndrome. Here is an dramatization

Scene opens on Greg and Crump standing in a movie house lobby in front of two movie posters - one of Doubt, one of Iron Man

Greg: Let's go see Doubt

Crump I'm not really in the mood for that. How about Iron Man?

Greg: But Doubt tackles themes of religion, morality and authority.

Crump: Iron Man can fly!

Crump goes running towards the theater showing Iron Man, giggling like a schoolgirl the whole way.

And scene

I do want to see movies like Doubt, Slumdog Millionaire, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Milk, and the like. Problem is when the time comes that I am actually going to drag my tired carcass to the theater it's always "Oh look! Scary Movie 7 is out. Let's go!"

So I think it is high time I started stimulating my brain again. Not just with movie choices either. I can't remember the last time I read a book. Seriously. It has probably been at least three years that I have read a book that wasn't a trade or graphic novel. I read most of The Warren Report for fun at one point in my life for Christ's sake. I haven't been to a play in over a year (maybe even two). I haven't watched the news for more than 5 minutes at a time in a few years. I'm essentially cutting myself off from anything thought provoking.

If you have any suggestions of things to do that will make me think and stimulate my brain let me know. Together we can help save my brain.

Jerry Maguire sucks.



Mike Bauman said...

What will stimulate your brain?

My cock pushed through your eardrum.

Joe Janes said...

It might crush his brain.

FYI - That was a reference to his small brain, not a tribute to the weight and girth of your member.

Chris Othic said...

It's good to see our blog is up and going and already has some penis references.