Monday, October 19, 2009

Production Pictures

I feel like every production, we mean to get a camera to rehearsal so that we can get some pictures and every time we forget. Which is a shame, really. The rehearsal process is a lot of fun, and it would be nice to show off our wonderful actors putting in all the necessary work (read: putting up with Greg and my bullshit).

Well this time, through the genius of Chris Othic, we did manage to get a camera in the rehearsal room. So, just to give you a taste, here are just a couple for your viewing pleasure:

Erin Morrill takes a break to snap a quick picture with her puppet, Fluzzo.

Jill Fenstermaker learns parasol technique from our resident parasol expert, Greg Wendling, while Ryan McDermott and Connor Tillman lurk in the shadows.

Susie Gutowski IS Diversity Chicken.

That's me leering at Measels and Fluzzo.

Ryan McDermott is happy to see you. And not in a creepy way. Okay, kind of a creepy way.

Nat Topping squints his eyes to get a better look at the radiant brilliance that is the comedic duo of Andrew Kraft and his pal Measles.

To reiterate what Greg wrote the other day, this cast really is amazing. I think the best decisions we made throughout the run of the show were the casting decisions. And, of course, the show (which, by the way, is hilarious) wouldn't be anywhere near as good without all of their talents. You should check us out if for no other reason than to see these actors act.

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