Thursday, September 30, 2010

Another Video for My Mom

They have no idea why they must do all this, but they know there are treats in it for them. Dogs with a purpose in mind.


Anonymous said...

Greg, if you were on facebook, you would have found out about this video a week ago when I posted it! GET ON FACEBOOK!

GW said...

This anonymous person sounds a lot like Susie. My mom is on Facebook. Please friend her so she won't need to rely on old-fashioned blog posting to get her new videos.

Anonymous said...

Greg, did you write and direct this as well? Like you did all those other musical numbers, like "The Magic Flute" and "Yellow Submarine" and "La Boheme" and stuff? I am SO PROUD of you!

By the way, they are still waiting for you to come back and pay for that dish.