Monday, July 26, 2010

Inception Actually Is Worth Seeing

Well, somebody has to write something on the blog and it may as well be me.  Commence bloggery:

You know how there's that movie every summer that everyone's talking about?  And everyone is saying how good it is?  And how everyone should see that movie?  And how that movie will change cinema forever and how freaking great that movie is and how everyone is going to go see it eighteen times in the theatre?

And because everyone is talking about it, you get so jazzed about seeing it?  And then you finally go to the theatre - you make an event out of it, you get the gigantic popcorn/soda combination and the Snow Caps - and you sit down in a crowded theatre and wait patiently through the commercials that have infested the preshow, and then you make it through the previews?

And then the movie happens and then the credits roll and then you think to yourself 'meh?'

Or you think "Yeah I know it was a fully generated fantasty world filled with hot blue aliens, but the story is kind of a knock off of 'Dances With Wolves, isn't it?"

Or even worse, you think "I know a gigantic ship just sunk and that this kind of technical mastery has never before been seen on the big screen, but damn it 'Titanic' kind of sucked and is it okay for me to say that in public?"

Well luckily for you Inception is an instance where it's actually a really good movie, and is actually worth you seeing.

I saw it on Saturday night.  It was great.  I highly recommend that you go see it.  In fact, I recommend you finding the biggest screen you can, plopping yourself down and watching it as soon as you find yourself in the mood for some movie.

It's a long movie, filled with explosions, trippy special effects, a complex but interesting plot, and Leonardo DiCaprio not trying to do an accent.  What more do you want?

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