Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Rain Falls On

Well, after a long bout with cancer, my dad, Carl Elliott, passed away today. He was 68 years old.

He was technically my step dad, so I can't say that I got my stunning good looks from him, or my glorious bald spot, but he raised me since I was five and over the course of my life I think I ended up with his demeanor. He was easy-going, friendly, and never got too worked up over anything, which I think are the best parts of me as well.

As a comedy writer, it's tough to try and strike the right chord between somber and funny. I have tap-danced around that line a lot over the past few weeks, even around my dad. He always laughed at my jokes, which is why I loved him.

And for those of you that are into inside jokes, here are two:

One is, my mom made meatloaf for dinner last night.

Two is, it was raining today at the time of my father's passing.

And you know what they say . . .


GW said...

Condolences, Chris. Sorry to hear the news and also glad it didn't drag on as long as it could have. If I could make it out there I would, both to be a friend to all mourners and also to assure that you get some cobbler pie.

Nat Topping said...

Sorry for your loss, Chris. If he's responsible for how you turned out ('fuck box' scenes not withstanding of course) then he must have been a great man.

The meatloaf bit makes my soul happy.

Anonymous said...

Chris, I am so sorry to read of this, but it is a sweet, charming tribute to your dad. I know it's making him smile. Just a beautiful thing to write. --From Greg's mom

Chris Othic said...

Thanks everyone. I appreciate your kind thoughts.

And I think "condolence ham" is working it's way into the lexicon here. We are seriously surrounded by it, along with "condolence coleslaw," "condolence parmesan chicken," and "condolence green bean casserole." My favorite was my friend who brought the "condolence 12-pack of beer." I am condoled.