Wednesday, April 20, 2011

St Drunken, Debriefed!

Well, St. Drunken's Day was last Saturday and we're just now getting over the hangover.  Personally, I couldn't remember completely what all happened.  Luckily, Greg's friend Laura Shin had a camera and took pictures!  So let's take a look through here and see if we can remember what the hell happened:
Yeah, this was the pageant.  I remember that happening at some point.  I think we were all only three beers or so down by that point.  This is either a picture of St. Drunken praying to the Lord for guidance, or else Greg is about to put some sort of crazy flying wrestling move on Geoff, with the help of Susie and Joe.  It's probably a wrestling move.
It's okay, though, because Greg and Geoff obviously made up.
Here's us playing the St. Drunken's Day traditional song.  Note the excessive amount of guitars on stage.  And yes, that would be Chris holding the lyrics for Greg.  Because we are professionals, damn it.  Also, please note in the background that Joe is playing the 'stairs.'  This is considered a legitimate instrument during St. Drunken's Day festivities.

Here's Chris teaching everybody how to read.  It was the educational portion of the show, and I think everybody was touched.  Meaning, of course, that Chris made it a point to physically touch everyone.  This would be a great group photo if I was in this, but I'm not.  And where was I?

Hanging out with my doppelganger, that's where.  It's not often that you go through your wardrobe specifically to find the weirdest shirt you own, only to find someone else wearing the exact same shirt.  Once I got over the inexplicable shame and embarassment of that, I went over and introduced myself.  His name's Jeremy and he's awesome.  Look!  We're buddies.

So what the hell else happened?

Beer Pong, apparently.  Susie was so zoned in that she became blurry.


Beer drinking (That's the photographer taking a break).  OH!  And this guy!

That guy parked himself by the Plinko board that I made for the party and basically ran the damn thing for an hour and a half.  It was like having Bob Barker show up to your event and just start running your drinking games.  It was great.  No idea who this guy was, but hats off to you!

All in all, it was a successful night and a hell of a lot of fun.  Thanks to the guys at the loft for all of their help with putting everything on; thanks to Laura for showing up with a camera and documenting everything for us; and most of all, thanks to everyone who showed up to celebrate this little holiday with us.

Look at you guys.  You're beautiful.

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