Monday, January 24, 2011

I Saw Social Network! In Other News, Oh God The Hindenburg!

My name is Nat Topping, and I am the last person to see Social Network.

I am now in an awkward position, which is this: after seeing a movie like Social Network, I would normally like to run out and talk about it with other people.  But since everyone has seen the movie already, I would just be opening myself up to criticism.

'Really?  You're just now talking about Social Network?  That movie has been out for like half a year, hasn't it?'

Yes, it's been out since October.  But I didn't have a chance to see it in October and now I have and doesn't anyone else want to talk about it?  I promise I'll have witty and interesting things to say about it!  Honest, I will!

But no, nobody wants to talk about Social Network.  Because everyone on the planet has already had their Social Network discussion moments.  Everyone's already debated whether or not Mark Zuckerberg is a douchebag.  Everyone's already questioned whether Justin Timberlake did a good job as Sean Parker because he's suddenly a good actor or because he himself is also a douchebag.  Everyone's already posted their Facebook "I'm watching Social Network while posting on Facebook" wall posts.

It would be like me running up to people and saying "Hey, have you kids seen that new Annie Hall movie?  Boy howdie, that Woody Allen sure knows how to write!"

Just saw that new Citizen Kane movie and it was amazing.  Everybody rush out to your nearest movie house!  It's worth the 50 cent price of admission, and if you stay after you can check out one of them new Looney Toons!

To sum up, I suck.

But at least I wrote a blog post today.


Chris Othic said...

I clicked on the link "Nat Topping Admits He Sucks On The Internet" but it only came back with one post. I would think this should be a daily task for you.

Way to post, though! I wrote roast jokes for next weekend, which I will make you listen to and critique at tonight's meeting.

GW said...

I watched The Social Network last night!

Of course, that was time # 2 for me, but you can talk about it with Lora who saw it for the first time and is not bored of all the things you might want to talk about.

Catherine said...

Ha. I watched it exactly when you guys did. It's like we're all psychically out of touch with the status quo.